“Give sorrow words”  William Shakespeare

A funeral or memorial service is traditionally the last opportunity where words are an important part of the grief expressed and shared among family and friends; words which are often remembered long after. What happens when words are not enough? How is it possible to express grief and pay tribute by expanding on words?

Family and friends are an integral part of the process of revealing the different patterns in the kaleidoscope, where the essence of the person you are paying tribute to can emerge for all to share. It’s an opportunity for their passions and past-times to be celebrated in a unique way. My role as your funeral celebrant is to be with you in your grief so together we can bring the pieces together.

This is done with:
  •  Deep listening
•  Compassion
•  Honesty
•  Creativity
•  Trust
•  Integrity

Breathing the colour into an otherwise dark time is my commitment to you and your family.
Contact me to help you give your sorrow words.

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The Koru
This interpretation of the koru represents my four children. As the child grows the koru unfurls revealing the potential and strength within. My third child died aged 6 months but the symbol of the koru remains significant in that, even in grief, there is hope
– for new life, growth, love, and peace.